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This evening, several past presidents of the Carolina chapter of STC (the Society for Technical Communication) met for dinner and discussion at Carmen's Cuban Cafe. While there could have been many more present, the five of us who dined had a great time discussing a range of topics from bee-keeping to Facebook conventions to the financial situation facing the professional association. The meeting was really for Bea Bailey who will be taking over as president of the Carolina chapter. She has some great ideas and a wonderful group of people working with her, so I predict she will do a fine job as president. Of course the chapter is only half (in terms of number of members) as it used to be, reflecting the drop in overall membership of all of STC. Her challenge will be to decide whether to see the chapter as half empty or half full. I got the sense that she is a much quieter presence than some of us more talkative past presidents and perhaps her ability to listen will do her well. What she did say sounded like the voice of experience (having served as vice president) and the voice of one who knows what she is doing. I would imagine that this same transition is happening in many places around the country (and world) as chapter presidents hand the reigns to the next in line. I hope they all have as much calm and steady leadership as the Carolina chapter.

Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia) talks about the future of Wikipedia and its future focus on accessbility and usabiltiy.

Watch this inteview as STC (the Society for Technical Communication) awards Wales as a 2009 Honorary Fellow.

While we don't usually talk about such minutia, today we were researching proper copyright syntax and came across something interesting.

The phrase "All rights reserved" which was added to copyright statements to extend those rights beyond the United States, now is no longer needed.

To quote from the Wikipedia article, which has a good summary:

''"Copyright law in most countries no longer requires such notices, but the phrase persists."

"The requirement to add a notice became obsolete and essentially deprecated on August 23, 2000, as every country that was a member of the Buenos Aires Convention (which is the only copyright treaty requiring this notice to be used) is also a member of the Berne Convention which requires protection be granted without any formality of notice of copyright."''

For more information try these sites:

What is Copyright Protection?

Copyright Basics

U.S. Copyright Office

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

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Is the title "conversation architect" still in use?
Dell's head of social media used it in a presentation recently. Are you using it?

Here are some old news stories that used it:

Conversation managers, or conversation architects?

It's the Conversation Economy, Stupid

Conversation Architects - A New Wave of Architects has Arrived

Conversation architects move marketing beyond the idea of one-way messaging

Some students at Duke University's Continuing Education class have create a great introduction to how to use wikis.

The result is

It includes a general overview of wikis, actual examples from public and corporate wikis, details about the Duke Wiki, and a description of the Technical Communication Wiki. With regard to chapter assignments, Elaine Abousalh is responsible for Chapter 1, Kristie Philips for Chapter 2 and the synopsis in Chapter 4, and Penny Ferry-Leeper for Chapter 3.

Elaine, Kristie, and Penny are students in the Technical Communication Program at Duke University. They were given the assignment to learn how to use Duke Wiki to manage their class assignments. They also wanted to learn how to edit pages at, which they explain in Chapter 2, about public wikis. They were complete beginners and had never used a wiki before.

Great job!
User experience is one of the most important element in developing a product, and so with developing web application. If you want to design for your user, take some extra time to design great UX.

Because if you have great UX, then you’ll have happy customer. Now, Here a list of some great presentation about User Experience presentation. Learn it and give it a shot on your next project. You’ll see the different.

Here's one:
{SLIDESHARE(id=432066, doc=ux-best-practices-1211950244374699-8) /}

See all nine at
There is a new mindset of sharing and openness and engagement with the customer (or even the public) that goes with social media.
It’s one thing to adopt RSS feeds and social networks inside your corporation to improve communication –
it’s another to change your process to allow the customer base (or the entire public) to be engaged with every aspect of your business by
1. being open on blogs,
2. publishing all sorts of product information on a wiki that they can add to, and
3. allowing customers to exchange information with each other about your products and services with each other on a social network you provide and monitor.

Cute little article on user interface design. Everyone is a critic, but I like their point about "Good user interface makes it harder to get bad results."
How to kill a car (or a business) with bad UI

If you have an account on, now you can join the group. The group allows more networking for those who use LinkedIn. If you have any questions about the LinkedIn group, contact Bill Albing.

'New Group at' /

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