This topic summarizes how to use the site. This site contains several broad areas of involvement; different ways to express your ideas and work collaboratively with others as well as detailed technical support issues.

For the latest site changes, read the editor's blog; for information about, read about who we are. If you have any suggestions about how to make this site better, please let us know.

Tutorial Videos

These videos run with Flash and should display in your browser. They are intended as a simple way of helping you get started using the site.
Let us know if you would like to see other tutorials.

Wiki Syntax

For help with the special characters you can type in the wiki edit control for formatting and interactivity, see our list on Using Wiki Syntax.

Key Articles

The first area is an open collaborative authoring area called Key Articles Key Articles. Don't let the word "collaboration" distract you — you can write and publish on your own, too.

These articles are wiki-based — so no special software is needed. You can even try our sample article right now! Copyright of this draft material is covered under the creative commons licenses where appropriate.

Even if you don't want to collaborate, feel free to leave a comment for any article by using the Comment button (Comment button.) at the bottom of each page.

The Newest Articles list (on the left) provides links to the most recently updated articles. You can also quickly view all articles by title or by category.


Some articles are organized into categories. At the bottom of each article that has been categorized you'll find a list of other articles that are in the same category.

Folksonomy Tags

In addition to categories, articles can also be tagged with keywords. Registered users can easily tag any wiki page. The top 50 tags are shown in the right column of each page. At the bottom of each article you'll find a list tags specific to that article.

Key Resources

Our portal that contains other resources, web pages, and links to other portals is called Key Resources Key Resources. Here, we've organized hundreds of useful links to other resources and sites. We encourage you to submit your favorite link to the list of Key Resources.

In the Key Features area (in the left column), you'll find a link to the newest resources as well as an option to browse the resources by category. The Articles menu (at the top of the page) also provides links to Key Articles.

Key Questions

For those that have questions, we've got the place for answers. Key Questions contain a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about who we are and what we are doing.

Key Events

If you want to become involved, be sure to review our Key Events Calendar of Events. These events, from all over the globe, span all industries and specialties. If you have an event to list, you can submit it for inclusion. Registered members can add new events directly to the calendar.

In the Key Features area (in the left column), you'll find a link to the this week's and and month's events. The Events menu (at the top of the page) also provides links to the calendar.

My KeyContent

Registered users have access to a special area: My KeyContent My KeyContent. Here you can:
  • Update your personalized member settings (such as email and password).
  • Organize the Key Articles you're working on.
  • Manage the pages that you're monitoring for changes.

Additionally, registered users can create their own, personal wiki page.

Key Employment

Looking for employment? KeyContent can help. Our Employment Opportunties page lists openings in several categories that have been aggregated from across the web. If you have an opening to post, you can list it in our KeyContent Job Blog.


Standards Conformance

We've worked hard to ensure that adheres to the following standards:

Valid XHTML 1.0! The HTML and XHTML code that creates the pages conforms to the W3C specification in order to display properly in different browsers.
Valid CSS! The stylesheet that controls the look and feel of the pages conforms to the W3C specification in order to display properly in different browsers.
Valid P3P Policy In addition to our human-readable Privacy Policy, we have published a machine-readable P3P privacy policy.
WCAG - A Conformance. We have worked to adhere to the The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make accessible to people with disabilities. We follow both the Web Accessibility Initiative and Section 508 requirements.
Labeled with ICRA. The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) is an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet.
Valid RSS. We supply RSS feeds of the site's "key" areas in the following formats: RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom 0.3

Buttons and Icons

Here are some of the buttons that you'll find throughout pages:

Button Description
Refresh button. RefreshTo improve performance, some pages may be cached. If you're viewing a cached page, simply click Refresh to display the latest information.
List button. ListList all items (Key Articles, Resources, or Events). You can then sort the list by date or name, simply by clicking a column heading.
Browse button. BrowseBrowse all items (Key Articles or Resources) by specific category or type.
Create button. Create Create a new Key Article (wiki) page or submit a new Key Resource.
Submit event button. Submit EventAdd a new item to the Calendar of Events
Monitor button. MonitorMonitor the page for changes and receive an email every time a user changes the page. To stop monitoring a page, click Stop Monitoring button. .
Print button. PrintCreate a printer-friendly version of the current page.
PDF button. PDFCreate a PDF version of the current page.
Invite button. InviteIf you know another professional who could contribute to an article, why not invite them to join? Or maybe you want to recommend a blog post to a friend. They'll receive a personalized email with complete instructions.
Edit button. EditEdit the page and join the collaboration. You may need to request access from the managing editor first.
Comments button. CommentsRead or add comments to the page. Anyone can read comments, but only registered users can add or reply to comments.
Attach button. AttachmentsUpload or view (download) attachments to the page. Anyone can view attachments, but only registered users can add new attachments.
Reply button. ReplyReply directly to another member's comment. When viewing the comments, your reply will be "threaded."
History button. HistoryDisplay the history of a Key Article. You can see what was changed between each saved version of the page.
Slideshow button. SlideshowDisplay the Key Collaboration page as a slide show. This is a great option if you want to use a collaboration page as part of a presentation.
My KeyContent button. My KeyContentManage all the Key Collaborations that you're currently participating with, and start your personal wiki page.
Preferences button. PreferencesUpdate your user profile, including email and password.
Manage Monitors button. Edit MonitorsManage the pages that you're currently monitoring for changes.
Help button. HelpDefines the special wiki formatting commands and QuickLink buttons.

The different sections of can be easily identified by their icon:

Icon Description
Key Collaborations icon. Key ArticlesOur Collaborative (wiki-based) authoring environment Join the collaboration.
Key Resources icon. Key ResourcesOur portal to other resources View the resources now.
Blogs icon. BlogsRead the latest content engineering news Read the blogs now.
Key Questions icon. Key QuestionsOur Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers View the FAQs now.
Events icon. Calendar of EventsUpcoming events of note View the calendar now.

Contributors to this page: Rick Sapir , System Administrator , Chief Editor and Webmaster .
Page last modified on Monday, December 19, 2011 10:50:54 am EST by Rick Sapir.

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