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Is Wikipedia heading for bust?

blog post
There's an interesting article on NewScientist about Wikipedia's lack of recent growth. ;From the art  

Jimmy Wales: The future of Wikipedia

blog post
Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia) talks about the future of Wikipedia and its future focus on accessbility and usabiltiy. Watch this inteview as STC (the S  

Why Wiki?

blog post
Bob Doyle's recent post, " Wikiful Thinking " got me thinking too. Wikis are a big part of the "Web 2.0" revolution. They offe  

Key Pick New

Bill Albing has some suggestions to improve STC competitions. Read and let us know, what do you think?

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About KeyContent is an idea space where you can express your insights about your profession. Think of this site as a white board with a brain. You create and edit articles or portals to other sites and share your insights... Read More

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