All Rights Reserved

While we don't usually talk about such minutia, today we were researching proper copyright syntax and came across something interesting.

The phrase "All rights reserved" which was added to copyright statements to extend those rights beyond the United States, now is no longer needed.

To quote from the Wikipedia article, which has a good summary:

''"Copyright law in most countries no longer requires such notices, but the phrase persists."

"The requirement to add a notice became obsolete and essentially deprecated on August 23, 2000, as every country that was a member of the Buenos Aires Convention (which is the only copyright treaty requiring this notice to be used) is also a member of the Berne Convention which requires protection be granted without any formality of notice of copyright."''

For more information try these sites:

What is Copyright Protection?

Copyright Basics

U.S. Copyright Office

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

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