Information Management - Global Best Practices (Call)


Information Management - Global Best Practices
International Edition, Part 1, 2009

The practical guide to Information Management
Bob Boiko & Erik M. Hartman, Chief Editors of the Information Management Framework Association, invite you to contribute to ‘Information Management – Global Best Practices’, a publication of Van Haren Publishing in co-operation with Hartman Books.

Have you experienced the merits of a specific approach to information management strategy, methodology, technology or tools? If so, here is an opportunity to share your knowledge with a global audience in ‘Information Management – Global Best Practices’.

The first edition of ‘Information Management – Global Best Practices’ series is scheduled to be released in October 8, 2009. The first submissions will be published in a ’sneak peek’ version in May, 2009.

Each contribution must cover a specific issue, problem, or challenge in the field of Information Management and present a proven solution. Your proposal should include the following information:
1. The working title of your article.
2. Your name, job title and organizational affiliation
3. A one-paragraph statement of the main issue of your article.
4. A one-paragraph statement of your solution to the problem.
5. An outline of your article that is no longer than one page.
6. A sample of your writing (10 pages or more) that shows your style and skill level.

For more information please check and/or contact Erik at +31 418 680 720 or erik at

Kind regards,
Information Management Framework Editorial Board
Bob Boiko, Senior Lecturer at the University of Washington Information School and President of Metatorial Services (USA)
Tony Byrne, President of CMS Watch (USA)
Erik M. Hartman, President of Hartman Communicatie (NL)

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