There are numerous STC communities (chapters and SIGs) on Twitter. Until now, it has been difficult to find them all... There used to be a "living" list of on the STC wiki (see this "frozen page", courtesy of the Carolina chapter), but that died when the wiki was closed. produced a "Tweet board" during the 2010 STC Conference, but I could not find a listing of the actual Twitter accounts used, anywhere on

So, as a service to the community (and Tech Comm community in general), I have attempted to compile a list of the "official" Twitter accounts for communities. And you can follow all the communities in one click, by using this button:
Follow STC Communities on Twitter

Here are the accounts I found:
Twitter Account Community
stc_te_sig STC Technical Editing SIG
stcinuxsig STC India
STC_Phoenix STC Phoenix, AZ
stcuux STC UUX SIG
STCSM Southeastern Michigan
STC_TC STC Twin Cities, Minneapolis - St.Paul MN
stc1ssig Single Sourcing SIG
STC_TO STC Toronto, ON
stc_cic_sig STC CIC SIG
stc_itc_sig STC International SIG
stcmontreal STC-Montreal
STCAlberta STC Alberta, Alberta, Canada
stcpgh STC Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
stc_rochester STC Rochester
STC_SVC STC Silicon Valley, CA (USA)
STCTrinitite STC Trinitite, New Mexico Tech
stc_carolina STC Carolina Chapter, The Triangle, North Carolina
STCEO STC Eastern Ontario
stc2011 STC Summit 2011, Sacramento, CA
STCWI STC Wisconsin, Milwaukee
STCLoneStar Lone Star Community, Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX
STCORLANDO Orlando Chapter STC, Orlando, FL
STC_Austin STC Austin Chapter, Austin, TX
stcchicago STC Chicago, IL
stceusig STC Europe SIG
stcwdc STC Washington, DC
stcukandi STC UK & Ireland
ttustc TTU STC Chapter, Texas Tech University
STCSoCal STC Southern California
STCRockyMtn STC Rocky Mountain, Denver, CO
STCPugetSound STC Seattle/Puget Sound Region
LoneWriterSIG STC Lone Writer SIG
stcintermtn STC Intermountain, Utah
STCIndiana STC Indiana
STCHouston Houston, Texas
stcfrance STC France, Paris (and all of France)
stccwc STC-CWC Vancouver (and all of BC)
STCBoston Boston, MA
STCAtlanta STC Atlanta Chapter, Atlanta, GA
stcaccess STC AccessAbilitySIG, The World

To add your STC community to this list, simply add your Twitter account in a comment to this page.

Contributors to this page: Rick Sapir .
Page last modified on Thursday, September 23, 2010 02:50:58 pm EDT by Rick Sapir.

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