Reinventing the Single Sourcing SIG
From Lew Hundley's suggestion, Rick Sapir has started this wiki page to discuss the future of the STC Single Sourcing SIG. This discussion is based from a recent email thread.

Rick's original email attempted to start the discussion with the following question:

What do we want the SIG to be?

Do we want:
  • A place where members can ask (and answer) questions.
  • A collection of relevant links to other resources. And the ability for members to submit new resources
  • A way to have online web-conferencing.
  • A picture gallery.
  • A way for members to share/upload documents
  • A way for members to collaborative author/create content.
  • A logical categorization/grouping/tagging method for the content.
  • The ability to syndicate content from other sites (and allow our content to be syndicated)
  • A calendar of events
  • The ability to "publish" (online/hardcopy) content on a regular basis
  • Security in place to limit specific content to specific users (or groups of users)
  • etc.

Or maybe we don't want to do anything at all. Maybe the mailing list is the SIG.

What is the SIG to the user?

What does the Single Sourcing SIG membership receive from the SIG? Please list what you actually receive, and not expectations (expectations can be listed in the previous list).

  • a resource to ask questions and resolve issues quickly without having to do lengthly research.
  • an intellecual discussion about issues regarding technical writing.
  • a shoulder to cry on or vent.
  • a resource for single sourcing information.

Here's a wacky idea

I somehow thought this was a different initiative; a kind of wiki sandbox for the Single Sourcing SIG to use. If this is merely a topic on an existing wiki about reinventing the SIG, I suggest the effort be made back on the social network to keep things in one place and on a dedicated SIG resource.

Contributors to this page: techcommdood , lew.hundley , Rick Sapir and John.Hawkins .
Page last modified on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 05:30:12 pm EDT by techcommdood.

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