RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom are XML-based formats designed for syndicating Web content and making it available to aggregators that collect that syndicated content. You can receive the latest updates of our site (updated to the articles, blog, etc.) from the site's feeds. The content becomes available to you as soon as it is available on this site.

You can use feed readers, called aggregators, to read and display these feeds in your Web browser. You can set up an aggregator to collect news from this Web site and provide that news to you in a simple, easy-to-display format. If you are interested in receiving content from's syndicated feeds, you may try one of the following shareware aggregators:

Or try one of the following Web-based aggregators:


Subscribe to the syndicated feeds with any of the following links (URLs):
 Feed Title  Feed 
Newest Key Articles   RSS 2.0 Feed RSS 1.0 Feed Atom feed
The Editor's Blog    
(other blogs)
RSS 2.0 Feed RSS 1.0 Feed Atom feed
Key Resources RSS 2.0 Feed RSS 1.0 Feed Atom feed
Calendar of Events RSS 2.0 Feed RSS 1.0 Feed Atom feed

If you use a Web-based aggregator, these links automatically add the feed to your reader:

Image Image Image Image Image

Syndicating the Feed

Additionally, you might want to syndicate the syndicated feed on your Web page. Rather than requiring XML, complex CGI scripting, or languages such as Python to create and aggregate a syndicated feed, you can add the feed to your Web page with one line of HTML. Simply copy this code and paste into the <Body> of your HTML page:

&lt;a href="">
&lt;img src="
KeycontentorgRssFeedForTheKeyCollaborations.gif" />

This creates the following feed on your page:


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