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Write your two cents here.

How accurate is the information in a Wiki? I just changed Ann-Marie's sentence "Write your thoughts here" above to my own sentence "Write your two cents here." It was very fast and easy to overwrite what she wrote. Does this cause problems? (Kristie)

AM Grissino: No, you won't cause any problems. You can change anything you want. Typically, in Wiki world, you do add a comment and your signature so that others know what changed and who changed it. So, you did just fine. Feel free to add or change anything. This is a sandbox where we can play.

Remember that "two cents" is a colloquial expression and might not be understood by other cultures in an international audience. (KeyContent Editor)

The Editor makes a good point, esp if we were writing for an international audience (I18N issues). For our class purposes, we can write informally because we are just learning and sharing. AM Grissino

Are there any Wiki protocols or unwritten rules that newbies like myself don't know? For example, don't erase and re-write other people's writing? (Kristie)
Kristie, Wiki writers will revamp others' work. That's the nature of the Wiki. Just sign your name to changes. Also, in the Edit Summary field, enter a few words summarizing what you changed or added. A Wiki site evolves. The trick is to keep the organization logical as it evolves. AM Grissino

I also like to add breadcrumbs at the top of each page so that the user can always return to what I consider my main or home page for whatever subsite I'm working on. If you want to do so, just copy the breadcrumbs at the top of this page and paste into the Wiki page you created. AM Grissino
  • We could create a "category" specifically for this Duke project. There are several categories that already exist (select Articles > Browse Categories from the top menu). The system will automatically include a list of all other items in a given category. (Rick)

Kristie, you are doing a fine job of leaving your name after your writing, which makes it clearer for collaborative work. As long as this wiki keeps versions, you can feel free to erase and re-write; if you need to get back to older versions, you can. With the ability to see version history, you can see who added what when. Hope that helps. (KeyContent Editor)

K Wilson: This is my first contribution to a wiki! There seems to be a lot to take in on this site. I'm wondering if anyone can see me typing this in real-time as I make errors and then go back to correct them!

K Wilson: You're doing fine, as the KeyContent Editor stated. It's just fun to have a collaborative discussion on this tool. And, it might even help you in your team when you need to discuss things about your project. ;-) 12/8/09-Ann-Marie

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