This is a project page for the Duke Continuing Studies, Technical Communication program, specifically the Information Architecture Class taught by Ann-Marie Grissino.

To class members: Use this Wiki page as a launching point to add your own discussions about technical communication and information architecture. A few categories of topics are listed and a subpage shows you how to create your own Wiki page. We might want to generate discussions along categories of topics, rather than personal Wiki pages. Feel free to add pages, add information to existing pages, or comment on existing pages.

Begin adding your text in the section called "Topic categories."

Heading 1.0

Use this section to see how to enter text in the Wiki. Use 1 exclamation point to make a Heading level 1, 2 exclamation points for a Heading level 2, and so on.

  • Bulleted List (Use one asterisk to make the first level.)
  • Bulleted List
    • Bulleted List (Use two asterisks to make the 2nd level.)
    • Bulleted List

Heading 2.0 (another one)

You can enter text outside lists.

  1. Numbered List (Use one # to make the first level.)
  2. Numbered List
    1. Numbered List (Use two #s to make the second level.)

Heading 2.1 - Tables

Here's an example of how to make a table.

Column 1Column 2
Data Data
Data Data

Heading 2.2 - Monospace text

Here's an example that shows how to make monotext. Add a space before your text. It'll show up in a monospace font, such as Courier.

Here's an example of how to add a link to a Wiki page that you create.

Information architecture general discussion

  1. To create a new page, begin on an existing page and type the name of the page you want to create inside double parentheses.
  2. Save the changes and view the existing page.
  3. At the end of the new link on the existing page, click the red ?.
  4. In the new page that appears, enter your text and save.

Here's an example of how to link to an external Web page:

Link to external sites
To add a text description, add a vertical bar followed by the description, like this: STC Carolina chapter Wiki

Editing pages

The first step in adding your own two cents to this wiki is to create your own login. It's free and they even suggest a user ID for you. (Kristie) Then, when you log into the Wiki and go to this Sandbox, you'll see an _Edit This Article_ link at the top of the page. If you're not logged in, you don't see this Edit link.

When you edit a page, it might be helpful to others to "sign" your changes. To sign a page, add your first name or initials in parentheses like this. (Ann-Marie)

It might also be helpful to include a couple-word summary of changes in the Edit Summary field.

Topic categories

Information architecture general discussion

Social software

Visual representation of information

Audience analyses

Enter your thoughts here.

Standards guides

Here's an example of Indiana University's style guide: Indiana University's Style Guide

Collaboration in content development

Technical content can come from a variety of sources within an enterprise. Often that content comes from a collaborative effort of members communicating in a social online environment.

Prototype designs

Enter your thoughts here.


Enter your thoughts here.


Basic Word Processing:
  • Microsoft Word 2007 $99.00

HTML editors:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver $399.00

Technical document authoring tools:
  • Adobe FrameMaker 9 $999.00. Usually used for longer, less layout intensive documents or documents where the layout is basically the same throughout the document.
  • Adobe InDesign. Usually used for more layout intensive documents, for example, newsletters or magazines.

Online Help, elearning, and Document authoring tools:
  • Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 $1,899.00
    • Includes Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Captivate (for online demos and elearning), and Adobe RoboHelp (for online help)

Content Management Systems (CMS) (for enterprise-wide documentation)
  • Vasont
  • TriSoft InfoPublisher

Where do you want to move your career?

Enter your thoughts here.


Enter your thoughts here.


Don't miss the STC-Carolina Chapter meeting in January when Joe Weilinske comes to town. He's from WritersUA and a national guru in our field! Check out, another wiki site, for details.

For those interested in web design, here's a helpful tool for experimenting with color schemes: the color wizard. (Elaine)


Who cares? What is it?
Enter your thoughts here.

Developing training materials (for e-learning or standup training)

Enter your thoughts here.

Single sourcing

Enter your thoughts here.

Improving your writing

Enter your thoughts here.

Add your categories!!

Enter your thoughts here.



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