Creating an ISO/IEEE Standard for Content Management
The goal of this WIKI is to assist in the creation of an ISO/IEEE standard for Content Management.



As a collaborative effort including eight individuals, we are in the early phases of planning our direction, focus, and ideas.


ISO New Work Item Proposal

The following is an evolving draft of the standards document:


Standards for Content Management - life cycle processes.

This guideline document provides comprehensive steps in the content management life cycle, defining steps to analyse, design, procure, implement, and move beyond implementation for utilization of a successful content management process.

There are two defined user groups for this guidelines document:

UserGroup1 Companies assessing content management needs to improve tools/processes.

UserGroup2 Independent vendors assisting companies assessing content management needs to improve tools/processes.

1 Scope

Will we be including/touching on any other ISO/IEEE standards to include?

2 Normative references

3 Definitions

4 Life cycle data

4.1 Overview

This document can work in a few scenarios. Users of this standard could have few to many documents with a range of no content management process in place, to an existing content management process currently existing needing revision or replacement. This standard can also be used by Content management specialists who could use the standard as a verification tools of completeness of work. The life cycle standard execution does not dictate the content itself, its location within the process, format or tools used to manage and record this data.

4.2 Life Cycle Objectives: What are our objectives?

Provide consistency in improving the rollout of content management upgrades to ensure high level of success for customer.

Provide confidence in completeness of process

Provide customer assurance existing in metrics to measure success against

4.3 Compliance: How do we define what our compliance looks like?

5 Method

5.1 Analysis phase (Define expectations of time line for answering the following questions?)


Systemic Analysis

User Analysis

Information Analysis/Content Audit

Centralization or Decentralization

Workflow Analysis

5.2 Design - Specify criteria for selecting tools

There needs to be excellent communication about the project, the benefits that will result, the challenges that the organization will face, and the potential disruption that may be caused to the organization and to individuals. Consider making a section of your intranet a forum for conveying project progress and also for gaining feedback on the process. (White, July 2002)

Preliminary Content Modeling

Preliminary Workflow Design

5.3 Procurement



5.4 Implementation

A project manager needs to be appointed with clear terms of reference and the authority to make things happen.

Short term activity with clearly defined goals

5.5 Beyond Implementation

Long term process to develop for continued accuracy and coverage of content

6.0 Results

Annex A

A.1 Informative References

A.2 Information presentation

A.3 Documentation planning

A.4 Notation

A.5 Checklists

A.6 Glossary

A.7 Templates

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