Collaboration Tools
''As our teams move to more dispersed and extended locations, and remote, virtual work becomes commonplace, Web-based collaboration tools become a matter of course and online interaction becomes as much a part of our work as virtual, role-playing games does for some in their spare time. Here is the start of a list of Web-based collaboration tools, some of which are free. This is becoming a list of "Web 2.0" sites. While we don't rate enough to be on Read/Write Web's List of Web 2.0 Lists, we think we have some value to offer our readership. Please edit this and add to it!
It has been months since this this article has been updated. There have been so many new entrants and some consolidation. We invite anyone interested to update this article.''

Summary Sites

Notably, there are sites with lots of reviews, ratings, and summaries of these tools.
Here is one such site: SmashingApps. For example, they have a summary of Five Best Online Diagramming Tools. Check it out.

Online Collaboration Tools

  • CardMeeting — is a free-form sandbox for simultaneous long-distance collaboration. (
  • Gliffy for online drawing, diagramming (
    Here is a drawing made in that is published here (not editable):

For those that are collaborating with me, you can access it by:

Articles about online collaboration

Portals of more collaboration tool lists

Open-Source Tools

Online Writing, Word Processing, Document Development

Online Spreadsheet

Online Presentation

Online Calendars:

Project/Office Apps:

E-mail and Messaging


Project management and personal organizers:

Instant Web Site Creators










Other Web Design Tools




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