... primarily an idea space where you can express your insights about your profession. Think of this web site as a white board with a brain. You create and edit articles or portals to other sites and share your practical insights. The articles are databased as are the resource links that you add. We also have an events calendar. All of this is for you to add to and edit. Behind this web site is an entirely voluntary educational organization dedicated to providing technical communicators and content managers with the tools for instant publishing of their ideas to help advance the discipline of content development. If you participate, then consider yourself part of

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide a place where expert content developers, technical communicators, information architects, and web designers can come and express their views about the profession. Whether you are publishing an article or commenting on someone else's, or collaborating with others to write an article, or submitting one you have already written, we have a place and the tools for you. These collaborations and resources are created for and by professionals who want to keep up with the important issues in the transformation of technical communication.

We are dedicated to advancing content development, which is mainly about structuring communication processes and the flow of content in its many forms to its many audiences and this includes many of the aspects of what was traditionally referred to as technical writing or more broadly as technical communication.

Who Is Responsible?

The directors are:

Bill Albing is co-founder and principal information architect of In the last twelve years he has helped manufacturing companies and Internet startups by creating key technical content for product documentation and by developing the documentation systems that help maintain that content. With an engineering degree, Bill has worked for hardware and software companies developing key content to help engineers and developers communicate. After six years creating API reference docs for a software component company in Research Triangle Park, NC, Bill is now working with financial transaction simulation at Paragon Application Systems. He is very interested in information science, social (Web 2.0) innovations and XML structuring of content. He is past president of the Carolina Chapter of STC (the Society for Technical Communication) and is a psst member of IEEE Professional Communication Society and ASIS&T. Bill on LinkedIn Bill on Twitter

Ann-Marie Grissino is founder and president of Keypoint Consultants, Inc., a technical writing firm specializing in information solutions design and delivery. She is a frequent presenter to STC and other organizations, is an STC Fellow, has been published in a variety of trade journals, and earned the Distinguished Chapter Service Award for her initiative in regional communication activities. For more than ten years, Ann-Marie managed the technical communication competitions for the Carolina Chapter of STC. Ann-Marie was selected as a member of the technical writing contingent of the People to People Ambassador delegation to China in 2002. She has been a senior judge for Brandon-Hall e-learning national competitions and has judged for both regional and international STC competitions. Ann-Marie participated at Symantec as an Information Architect developing and implementing strategies for the storage of content in an XML-based content management system. She was instrumental in the design of the Technical Communication certificate program at Duke University's Continuing Studies, where she teaches the information architecture and final capstone classes. She currently works at NetApp, developing content to support enterprise-wide storage management products using DITA. Ann-Marie on LinkedIn Ann-Marie on Twitter

Rick Sapir
Rick Sapir is co-founder and webmaster of For over ten years, he has written, edited, and designed technical information in a wide variety of industries, ranging from health care procurement to retail automation to software development. Rick was a key member for migrating technical documentation from print to online delivery (first using dial-up BBSes) and establishing a disk-to-film process for magazine publication. Currently, as a senior technical writer for Oracle Corporation, he primarily works on documenting Java-based applications, embedding and integrating online help systems, single-sourcing and content reuse, as well as general workflow improvements. His latest endeavor is evaluating XML-based content-management repository solutions for use by a group of more than 200 technical writers. Rick on LinkedIn Rick on Twitter

Sherry Steward is co-founder and Managing Editor of She is currently Director of Applied Research and Life Cycle Support for a simulation and training company in Orlando, Florida. Sherry is tasked with managing specialty engineering disciplines, integrated logistics support services, technical documentation developments, and simulation and training projects for military acquisitions. Sherry worked as a hardware and software technical writer assigned to military developments for 12 years before moving into management. Her specialty is Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, legacy data conversion, and intelligent technical documentation. She has a Ph.D. in Texts & Technology from the University of Central Florida.

And of course there are others who have helped out. See our site Credits. Our volunteers are exceptional professionals who deserve acknowledgment both for their foresight of where our profession is going and their appreciation of the value of articulating it. We admire their commitment and hard work.

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